Web Development

Building high-quality Websites and Applications from landing pages to complex and scalable systems.
Responsive and Mobile adapted layout
High security and user privacy
Selecting technology that fits best your needs
Unique and fully customized
Short Load time and high speed
Stable at high load
SEO optimized

Game Development

Developing any games for various platforms including IOS, Android, Web, Linux, Windows, PS4 and Samsung Smart TV.
2D and 3D Games
Multiplayer and Single player
In-App purchases
Ads and Mediation
Integrating any 3-rd party service and API
Augmented and Virtual Reality
High-performance optimization
Server back-end and user management
Game Analytics and A/B testing
Social services integration

Mobile Apps Development

Developing high-quality, any scale, IOS, and Android mobile Apps. Using QT, Unity 3D, Cordova, Angular or React native, depends on your needs.
Paymet system / In-App purchases
Ads and Mediation
Integrating any 3-rd party service and API
Computer vision features
SLAM and Computer vision features
High-performance optimization
Analytics and A/B testing
Social services integration


Making a wireless or wired connection between anything that has communication interface. Using TTL Serial, TCP/IP, Web Sockets, APIs and cellular networks.
Possible use cases:
Make a connection between your games
Connect your CCTV to your Website or Mobile App
Make your refrigerator talk with your kettle
Connect your game to smart lights to extends the user experience
Control your smart-home from anywhere
Get access to your weather station from your smart watch
And much more...

Mobile / Web Design

Get a modern and practical design for Desktop and Mobile Websites using latest Web Design concepts.
Choose a style which fits best your product
Fixed Design
Responsive / Fluid Design
Adaptive Design
Flat Design
Using sprite sheets technique to improve website load speed
Images optimization
Clear color palette

UI/UX Design

Combine usability and great look-and-feel in your product using well-thought-out user experience and exceptional user interface design.
Customized user experience to your target audience
Smart and interactive UI elements
Clear and simple user flow to increase conversions
UI/UX that is highlighting the goal of your application
A/B Testing solutions to find out what works best for your audience
Achieve your goals with minimum user actions

Additional Services

Domain and Hosting

Connect a Domain to every Hosting provider or dedicated Web server

Payment System

Add a payment system to your online shop or a Mobile App


Convert any PSD or AI file into responsive HTML Webpage


Make a JSON-pure or REST API for your Service, Database or Game

Remote Control

Make a remote control App for anything that has IR, Bluetooth or WiFi

VR / AR / CV

Extend your App or Game with Augmented or a Virtual Reality

Virtual Tour

Create a Virtual Tour in your business and add it to your Website

3D Simulation

Create an interactive 3D Simulation of your product or research

Code Conversion

Convert existing code from one platform to other