Toddlers: round and round

Toddlers: Round and Round

A mobile game for toddlers and parents with rich graphical and musical content.
It features a Philips HUE smart-lights integration to extend the user experience even out of the mobile device and provides a fully immersive experience.
The game made with Unity 3D engine and available for Android and IOS devices.

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Used Skills
Unity 3D
The game is developed from scratch with Unity 3D engine and deployed for Android and IOS devices.
Mobile Development
The game was adapted for mobile screens in various resolution and optimized to run smoothly on low-end devices. I have used a smart graphics techniques to use high-resolution assets without getting a massive size of the App.
The game is written in C# language using all its capabilities to make great user experience and achieve the best performance.
Amazon Web Services
Amazon Dynamo DB used to extend a game with dynamic content, update game data and languages as well as control the game's preferences on the fly.
Servers & Infrastructure
Infrastructure & Servers skills were used to setup a back-end for the game on AWS environment, for higher performance and get ready for the high traffic load.
Network / WiFi
The game has a Philips HUE smart-light integration. HUE REST API was adapted to work with C# in Unity 3D environment. Including UPNP & N-UPNP network protocols to discover the HUE bridge on the local network.
Facebook / Social APIs
Facebook & Instagram services implemented in the game to have an ability to authorize users and share captured snapshots with friends.